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Northern Sunrise County/Village of Nampa Intermunicipal Development Plan

Press Release of IDP

Notice of Joint Public Hearing June 13, 1017

Intermunicipal Development Plan First Reading


Project Update:

We would like to thank everyone who attended the open house on January 19, 2017, and those who filled in the survey. A summary of the consultation results can be found here. The information presented at the open house can be found here. Based on the feedback received during these public processes, the municipalities have extended Secondary Joint Plan Area of the plan. (Joint Plan Area) The plan document is currently being drafted. It is anticipated that the plan will be available for public review in the late spring 2017.



What is an IDP?

An IDP is a plan developed jointly by two or more neighbouring municipalities to manage decision-making for an area of land in close proximity to the shared boundary. The IDP is a statutory plan, outlined in the Municipal Government Act (MGA), meant to enhance regional cooperation and collaboration by helping to facilitate efficient and compatible land development by addressing: 

  • future land use and the process for future development proposals in the area,
  • environmental matters as well as social, physical or economic development matters,
  • co-ordination and financing of intermunicipal programs, services, facilities, and infrastructure,
  • procedures for conflict resolution and amending or repealing the plan, and
  • administrative matters related to the plan.

Who does it affect?

An IDP affects stakeholders, landowners whose lands are located within the IDP joint planning area boundary, and anyone interested in developing within the joint area. The IDP document will provide landowners, stakeholders and other interested parties with the appropriate land uses and development options for their land based on the policies adopted within the plan. It is important that future development is compatible with existing residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural uses; major transportation routes; and significant environmental features and landscapes.

What is the plan process?

  1. Terms of Reference – outlines scope of the project. 
  1. Form Joint IDP Planning Committee – made up of two councillors and municipal administration from each municipality, as well as planners from the Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency. 
  1. Consultation Plan – to inform and gather feedback from the public, landowners, and stakeholders.

  1. Draft IDP Document – policies and procedures for intermunicipal collaboration will be drafted based on feedback from the public and stakeholders and input from the Joint IDP Planning Committee. 
  1. Bylaw process – the IDP will be adopted according to the bylaw process set out in the MGA.

How can I get involved?

Northern Sunrise County and the Village of Nampa want to hear from the public and other stakeholders about the issues important to you. The IDP development process will provide opportunities for the public and stakeholders to get involved through the use of surveys and public open houses.
Public consultation activities will be advertised on this web page, on municipal Facebook pages, in mail-outs, in the newsletters, in the newspaper, and on the radio.

Comments can be directed to Cindy Millar at and to Dianne Roshuk at



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