The Fire Department

In the year 1958, Nampa got its first real fire truck and Fire Chief. It was after many volunteer hours of labor that Nels Nelson spent making a fire truck out of an old truck that Village Council elected him Fire Chief. Until that time the only fire fighting equipment was a tank mounted on a wagon. When a fire broke out it took so long to find a vehicle (or harness a team of horses) that could pull it that the fire was usually out of control.

An agreement was made with Northern Sunrise County to supply a new fire truck and tanker to the Village and the Village would supply the fire hall and maintain the building. The Volunteers would then be in charge of all fires in the Village and the surrounding County.

This agreement is still in force today, we have a new fire truck as well as a rescue truck and tanker.

The Nampa Fire Department Firefighters are paid on call and they provide fire protection, emergency services, training and fire prevention to Nampa and the surrounding district. 

 Firefighters Needed

The Nampa Fire Dept is currently looking for community minded men and women who are willing to commit to once a week as well as responding to emergency calls. The Nampa Fire Dept is also looking for Youth, ages 15+ to join the Junior Fire Fighter program. For more information contact District Fire Chief Rob Hankins or Dave Leblanc at 780-624-0013.

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